I am now on GhostRaven.eu

I’ve finally decided it was time I moved to a more “cozy home”. You can now find me at GhostRaven.eu. See you there! Fly dangerous o/


Why I eventually linked E:D to Steam

Well, one week ago I thought I’d never link my Elite: Dangerous account to Steam. Why? Because it seemed unfair at the time. Why should my money go to Valve and not FDev?

Well, it all changed today when Horizons got released. If you can call that a “release”. First announced for 16:00 GMT, postponed for 18:00 GMT. Three different launchers, nobody knew exactly which was which. “Get the blue one!” – yeah, cool. I got the blue one. Install Horizons! Wow, I’m finnaly gonna get to land on planets and all that fun stuff. Awesome! No, not really… I have a 100 Mbps connection and all I got was…

2015-12-15 (7) x

Seriously, FDev? On Facebook groups dedicated to the game some show screenshots with 10+ Mbps and some are at ~0.05 Mbps. Didn’t we all pay the same for your game, FDev? Is this what you call fair game? Well, I don’t. So, if Steam can help me play YOUR game sooner than you can (apparently in about 12 hours now since the download speed went even lower) then yeah, I think they should have some of my money. Too bad 😦

My thoughts on Powerplay

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always hated politics. However, in a game like Elite: Dangerous, being able to get involved in power struggles sounds great and it got my attention right away. Thus, when Powerplay hit the servers, I joined Aisling Duval (yeah, ’cause she’s hot… some even call her “Space Khaleesi”). Problem was, I didn’t feel like doing stuff for her. Not even for the Prismatic Shield Generator you get when you reach Rank 3 with her (and you’ve been her supporter for more than 4 weeks). I just continued my daily routine. Some bounty hunting, some assassination missions, some trading, smuggling… anything BUT doing Powerplay.

I then realized that I may have pledged with the wrong power. So I decided to study the intricacies of Powerplay and, before long, I decided to defect to Arissa Lavigny-Duval. This time it was the promise of better bounty rewards that convinced me. And the fact that she’s the new Empress. But mainly for the bounties. I enjoy combat quite a lot in this game so I thought “why not?”. Continue reading

7 months later…

I’m back!

Had to take this looong break from Elite, but I’m back and this game is even more awesome than before. First thing on my to-do list is to check out CQC, sounds like fun. Then, probably should see how money-making has changed. Bounty hunting, trading, mining (heard it’s a thing now), smuggling, etc…

ASP Explorer

Actually right now I’m using my ASP Explorer to get some credits, then I’ll probably fit an Anaconda for trading… I’ll keep updating this log as often as possible.

Ghost Raven, signing off!